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Erick Sanchez, MD

6717 Perkins Road
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Cancer Survivor Testimonial - Sanchez Plastic Surgery - Baton Rouge, LA

Cancer survivor patient testimonial from one of Dr. Erick Sanchez's patients at Sanchez Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA.

Cancer Survivor Testimonial

The toughest part was when I found out my hair was going to come out. My hair was over half way down my back and in two days it was all gone. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 11. It turned out that I was pushing a Stage 3, Stage 2B, it was a very aggressive breast cancer. I received a phone call from my physician and said, "You have cancer and you have to have a bilateral mastectomy as soon as possible." 

Before I was diagnosed with cancer I didn't even have a primary care doctor because I was never sick. All I had was a GYN to do my yearly stuff so I had to find a doctor. I remember I got out in the parking lot, I was very emotional because not only have I been diagnosed with breast cancer, but my mom was dying and I had just come back from telling her bye. So I looked at the list and the only name I ever remember seeing was Dr. Sanchez. I called them, right there, from there in the parking lot, crying, scared, hysterical. My surgery was coming up and I had no surgeon. 

They made me feel calm. They let me feel hope. And I think hope's important because without hope, you don't have much. It was scary, I remember going home and asking my husband, "How could you ever look at me the same?" I might get emotional. "How could you love me the same? How am I going to be a woman?" And those were thoughts and feelings I really didn't think I'd have because I know they put them and in the end you probably have a better set than you had to start out with. You know when you're pushing 48 years old ... but it was still that ... How could you look at me? How can I be a woman? How can I be your wife? And his response made all the difference in the world. His response was he loved me and I would always be his wife and I am always a woman. 

After meeting Dr. Sanchez, he just multiplied the feeling they made me feel when I called in here and we just proceeded. We got the surgery scheduled, he worked with my oncologist, they just made it work. They removed both breasts completely, nipples, breasts, everything because it was in my nipples also. I would not let another reconstructive surgeon touch me for anything. I think there are a lot of reconstruction surgeons out there that are awesome. I'm positive of that but, to me, Dr. Sanchez ... he's as strong of a man and as good of a man as he is a surgeon. And two weeks ago I was told we beat it. Dr. Sanchez is my miracle worker. I didn't want my husband to see a wife with cancer. I didn't want my children to see a mom with cancer. I didn't want people to see me as someone with cancer. I wanted to be seen as a wife, a mother, someone who was kicking cancer's butt. 

I went through the feelings of, in the beginning, cancer takes so much away, you know it takes your hair, it takes your energy, it takes your eyelashes, your eyebrows, your waistline. I mean, you just lose it. And then one day, again, it lasted about a day and I woke up and I thought, to heck with this. Cancer didn't take this from me. Cancer did not. I gave it up. I choose to give up those things because I chose to fight.