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Male Plastic Surgery - Sanchez Plastic Surgery - Baton Rouge, LA

Male Plastic Surgery by Dr. Erick Sanchez at Sanchez Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA. https://sanchezplasticsurgery.com/

What is Male Plastic Surgery?

Male surgery. This is becoming significantly more popular in 2018 than it was just a couple years ago. What are men looking to do? Typically it's just body contouring. We're already in the gym. You're working out. You're just not seeing definition here. You can't get rid of this. You can't get rid of this. So, typically this is done with liposuction.

A lot of these procedures can be done in the office, sometimes even awake. These are body contouring procedures where we're taking cannula, a couple little stab incisions and basically contouring the male chest, getting rid of love handles, even kind of adding some definition to a males abdomen.

The majority of men that I see coming here come in with a condition called gynecomastia. That's where you have male breast growth and there are a whole host of reasons. The first thing that we have to identify is that there's nothing pathologic going on. We have to make sure there's no dangerous reason for this male breast growth. It is actual breast tissue. You could feel glandular tissue when you grab their chest and so there's different procedures for it depending on what type they have. If it's soft and not fibrous you can liposuction it out. It's very easy. Otherwise you'll make a small incision in the nipple and actually remove the glandular tissue and sew it back up.

So, if you're that guy, if you have a trouble spot, if you've been working at it and nothing works, maybe there's an easy solution for it. Come in, we'll take a look at it guy to guy. I'll help you understand what we can do. Again, maybe there's an easy solution and we can get you taken care of.