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Dr. Sanchez - BodyTite



My name is Dr. Eric Sanchez. I'm a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon here in Baton Rouge with Sanchez Plastic Surgery. Body Tite is the latest in skin tightening technology that we have. It is a minimally invasive type of device that can be used with a patient awake. Basically, any part of the body where we have excess or loose skin, to some degree, we can tighten that skin. Body Tite can be used essentially anywhere where we have lax skin. The most common areas are our lower abdomen, saddle bag area, and then as well as the back tissue. This is a bipolar radiofrequency device. There are two probes that deliver energy between those, which we can control significantly more accurate.

To shrink the tissues is what we're trying to achieve but not go overboard and cause any damage. And also, it activates proteins in our cells called heat shock proteins which stimulate collagen growth. Collagen is essentially the structural foundation in our skin. Being able to stimulate collagen anywhere is what allows us to rejuvenize and make skin look more youthful and tighter. Patients are comfortable. We use a local anesthetic so that you're awake relative to a big surgical procedure where your downtime is weeks on end. We're talking about days for this device.