Renuvion (J-Plasma) in Baton Rouge, LA

Loss of skin elasticity and stubborn pockets of fat are common aesthetic challenges. These cosmetic imperfections may refuse to go away no matter how hard you try with lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise. As a result, some individuals feel frustrated when the reflection in the mirror doesn’t quite match how they feel on the inside. Renuvion offers an innovative procedure choice for patients looking to attain tighter, more youthful-looking skin and reclaim their sense of self-confidence.

Dr. Erick Sanchez is proud to add Renuvion to his skin tightening and body contouring toolkit in Baton Rouge. The surgeon usually offers this minimally invasive procedure with liposuction to achieve a comprehensive contouring and rejuvenation of areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, and back.

How Does Renuvion Work?

Renuvion is a medical device that employs a combination of cold helium plasma and radiofrequency (RF) energy to induce subdermal coagulation and tissue contraction. This minimally invasive procedure targets the collagen-rich dermal layer to promote collagen synthesis and induce skin tightening. For qualified patients, Renuvion offers a great solution for skin laxity issues.

While Renuvion is primarily a skin-tightening procedure, it is often combined with techniques like liposuction to provide a smoother, tighter finish to areas from which fat has been removed.

Best Candidates for Renuvion

You may be a good candidate for Renuvion skin tightening if you:

  • Are in good overall health.
  • Have moderate skin laxity or sagging in specific areas.
  • Seek an alternative to more invasive surgical procedures.
  • Have realistic expectations about the outcomes of this treatment.

What Does the Renuvion Procedure Entail?

Dr. Erick Sanchez approaches Renuvion and other body contouring procedures with precision – much like an artist crafting a masterpiece. The surgeon will start with a small incision in the targeted area. A specialized Renuvion device is then used (through this incision) to deliver the cold helium plasma combined with radiofrequency energy directly beneath the skin’s surface. This interaction causes immediate tissue contraction. As the device is carefully maneuvered, it heats and tightens the skin to result in a firmer and more contoured appearance.

Combining Renuvion with Liposuction and Other Surgical Procedures

Renuvion works very well with liposuction. Dr. Sanchez utilizes the traditional liposuction procedure to effectively remove unwanted fat deposits. Renuvion is then utilized to complement the result by tightening the skin in the treated areas. This dual approach achieves a reduction in fat but also delivers a smooth, toned result that enhances your body’s natural contours. Renuvion may also be paired with other surgical procedures to maximize aesthetic outcomes that are tailored to individual patient needs.

Renuvion Recovery and Results

You will likely experience mild to moderate swelling and discomfort after your Renuvion procedure in Baton Rouge. These side effects – however – tend to subside within a few days. The recovery duration varies from one person to the other, but most individuals can return to their regular routine within a week. You’ll need to wear compression garments, avoid strenuous activities, and keep treated areas clean to ensure optimal healing. Make sure to strictly adhere to the post-operative care guidelines provided to you by Dr. Sanchez’s office.

Request Your Skin Tightening Consultation in Baton Rouge

Dr. Erick Sanchez is a seasoned specialist who is committed to delivering the best possible outcome while also ensuring your safety. The surgeon works with highly professional and supportive staff who care about your comfort and well-being. Schedule a personal consultation at Erick Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery to learn more about how Renuvion can work for you.

Renuvion FAQs

What is Renuvion?

Renuvion is a cutting-edge technology that combines cold helium plasma with radiofrequency energy. This combination is delivered beneath the skin to achieve significant skin tightening. Dr. Erick Sanchez prefers Renuvion because of its precision and its ability to deliver consistent, skin-tightening results.

What is Renuvion used for?

Dr. Erick Sanchez often uses Renuvion to treat skin laxity caused by aging, weight loss, or other factors. This treatment is often used together with liposuction to achieve a firmer, more youthful appearance without the need for more invasive skin tightening procedures.

How many treatments are needed?

Renuvion is a single treatment. Results may be seen in as little as days or weeks and will continue to improve throughout the healing process.

How long does it take to see results after Renuvion?

Some patients notice an immediate improvement in skin tightness following the procedure. However, the full effect of Renuvion becomes more evident in the months that follow. Results start to manifest as the swelling diminishes and the skin settles. It may take up to 9-12 months before you can see the final outcome of your Renuvion procedure.

Are results long lasting?

We can’t exactly stop the aging process, but through the use of energy devices, like Renuvion, it’s possible to contract soft tissues and start the long-lasting collagen rebuilding process known as neocollagenesis.

How can I maintain my results?

Maintaining your Renuvion results involves following a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Does internal plasma skin tightening work?

Internal plasma skin tightening – as done with Renuvion – is an effective method for addressing skin laxity. Using this technique, Dr. Erick Sanchez has witnessed remarkable skin tightening and body contouring results with both male and female clients.


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