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Through breast revision surgery, Baton Rouge, LA plastic surgeon, Dr. Erick Sanchez, helps patients correct previous breast augmentation surgeries that are no longer attractive or fit the patient’s current lifestyle. The majority of women who have a breast augmentation are extremely satisfied by the results after the first surgery, but sometimes a revision is necessary. There are many reasons why women need this surgery, such as excessive scarring (capsular contracture), rippling, bubbling, implant rupture, and even a simple change of size. Some women also decide to have their implants removed altogether. Breast revision surgery should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Erick Sanchez, who accomplishes revisions with a long-standing record of excellence and patient satisfaction.

Reasons for Revision

Our talented surgeon performs breast revision surgery for women in varying circumstances and the surgery is tailored according to the cosmetic issue the patient is addressing. Ultimately, the correction aims to fix the issue that’s the source of the patient’s dissatisfaction. The most common cases where a patient may be a candidate for this treatment are listed below.


Some women learn after breast augmentation surgery that they did not get the size quite right. They feel they either went a bit too big or too small. Most of these individuals live with their implants for some time before deciding they would like a secondary surgery to address the size change. This surgery is usually pretty straightforward and easy to accomplish. However, to ensure that each of his patents are 100% satisfied, during the initial consultation, our doctor makes great effort to work with the patient to determine the right size and look so that this surgery does not become necessary.


Many women get breast implants strictly for aesthetics. However, some may decide later on that they no longer wish to have them and will desire to have them removed. Breast revision surgery in this case is a process where the implant is removed and the breast reshaped back to a normal size and position so that it looks natural. Skin tightening may be needed if the skin was stretched over time due to the implant.


Despite significant advances in medical technology and strong, durable manufacturing, there are rare cases where an implant may rupture. If the implant is filled with saline, there will be a noticeable deflation of the breast. In the case of silicone implants, the gel stays intact, so there will not be a noticeable difference. An MRI will be needed to detect the defect. Implant ruptures are typically covered under warranty by the manufacturer within a certain amount of time. Patients may get new implants during the revision surgery. Again, implant rupture is a rare situation.


Double bubble is a term used for an implant that has moved out of place and causes a visible crease and a double breast appearance. This can occur if the implants were improperly placed or if a significant amount of scar tissue forms around the implant. A revision surgery is needed to correct this condition. To ensure the implant stays in its proper position, a strattice may be used to protect it from moving.


It is common for scar tissue to form around the breast implant once it has settled into the surgical pocket within the chest. In most cases, this scar tissue does not cause any harm or problems for the patient. However, in some cases, the scar tissue can tighten around the implant, which causes the implant to be displaced. This causes a hardening of the breast, which can look aesthetically unappealing, as well as cause discomfort. This is corrected by a capsulectomy in which the scar tissue is surgically removed. Based on statistics, there are more occurrences of contracture with saline implants compared to silicone-based ones.


A noticeable rippling can sometimes be seen underneath or on the side of the breast. This is generally more common among patients who have very low tissue volume and who are thin. Although not really a complication, the unnatural wrinkling may cause discomfort and an unsightly appearance. Rippling is most common with saline implants.

What to Expect

Recovery from breast revision surgery varies greatly. Patients who are having surgery for a simple change in size (for example, removing a smaller implant for a larger one), will have a quick and relatively simple recovery. Patients who require more extensive treatment, such as the correction of scar tissue, will experience a longer recovery period. This will be discussed in detail during the initial consultation.

Expected Cost

Changing a single implant could cost $4000.  A more extensive revision surgery could rise to about $14,000.

Erick Sanchez, MD does not accept medical insurance.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you are unsatisfied with the results you received from your breast augmentation procedure performed by another plastic surgeon, or simply, you wish to make a change in size, please contact our practice today for a complete consultation. Our team will provide a thorough assessment and provide you with all of the options to create a healthy, aesthetically appealing breast appearance.


"I researched abdominoplasty for months before I had a consultation with Dr Sanchez and his team. They were so available and patient with me through all of my questions even before I finally secured my surgery date. My husband attended my post op appointment with me and I was so impressed with how attentive Dr Sanchez was while he educated him on what was about to happen. I knew I would be pleased but my results exceeded my expectations and I’m so extremely happy!"


"Dr. Sanchez is extremely honest, helpful, accommodating, and skilled. He is upfront about expectations as well as understanding of a patient’s wants. His bedside manner is collected, patient, and overall just wonderful. I really love this plastic surgery clinic and I definitely recommend!!"


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