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Undesirable stretched out, saggy skin around the belly is very common after a significant weight loss, aging, or pregnancy. Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a very popular cosmetic surgery that removes extra skin around the belly, benefiting patients desiring a slimmer, tighter stomach without all the damaged skin and stretch marks. Baton Rouge, LA plastic surgeon, Dr. Erick Sanchez, has performed many successful tummy tucks resulting in a flat, firm, and beautifully shaped abdominal area. When there’s excessive fat in the abdominal area, Dr. Sanchez will use liposuction to remove the stubborn fat to further enhance the results of a tummy tuck.

Best Candidates

Patients considering a tummy tuck surgery should be at or near their goal weight. Our doctor believes that this surgery garners the most effective results once all pregnancies have been completed and additional weight gain can be avoided. In general, good candidates for tummy tucks are men or women who demonstrate:

  • Excess or sagging skin of the abdomen
  • Abdominal contour that protrudes and is out of proportion to the rest of the body
  • Stable weight if excessive skin is due to massive weight loss
  • Weakened and separated abdominal muscles (due to pregnancy)
  • Excess fatty tissue that is located primarily in the abdomen


What to Expect

During the initial consultation, our dedicated team will evaluate the overall health of the skin and assess skin quality, looseness, and the amount of fat that is present in the abdominal region. This will help our surgeon to develop an individual surgical plan. Some patients will only require minor tightening, known as a mini tummy tuck, whereas others will require a more extensive approach, which is a full tummy tuck. The difference is in the size of the incision as well as how much skin and fat need to be removed. During surgery, a horizontal incision is placed just within or above the pubic area. The incision extends laterally toward the hipbones and the length depends largely on the amount of skin to be removed.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

After tummy tuck surgery, patients will need to be very careful as they attempt to stand straight and begin moving around. Swelling and bruising are expected, but the use of an abdominal compression garment will help with this. There will be some numbness over portions of the abdominal area, and this may persist for several months. Patients may return to light activities within 2 weeks from surgery, and can expect a full recovery within 6-8 weeks. The outcome following this surgery is a tighter, flatter tummy. Scarring is typically not seen as the incision is placed inconspicuously and is generally hidden by undergarments and bathing suit bottoms.

Expected Cost

The average cost for a tummy tuck will depend on the extent of the surgery. Mini tummy tucks start at around $8,000, whereas a full tummy tuck starts at $9,300. A tummy tuck with 360 liposuction is $12,900, and an extended tummy tuck is approximately $12,500. After a thorough assessment has been made and a treatment plan compiled, the costs will be outlined according to the patient’s surgical plan.

Erick Sanchez, MD does not accept medical insurance.

Attain a Flat Tummy!

Tummy tuck surgery has changed the lives of countless men and women. In particular, women who have completed pregnancies or have lost a significant amount of weight find that this surgery allows them to reclaim their figure once again. If you have loose and sagging skin in your abdominal region and ready to attain a flat tummy, please fill out our contact form today and schedule a consultation with our acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon.


Which tummy tuck is right for me?

The right type of tummy tuck for you depends on your specific goals and the extent of correction needed. Common options include a full tummy tuck (for more significant changes), a mini tummy tuck (for minor improvements), and an extended tummy tuck (which addresses the flanks and lower back). Dr. Erick Sanchez will consider your unique circumstances and procedure goals and let you know which procedure approach is best suited for you.

Where are tummy tuck scars located?

Tummy tuck scars typically run horizontally across the lower abdomen (usually below the bikini line). The exact location and length of the scar will vary depending on the type of abdominoplasty you undergo. Skilled surgeons like Dr. Sanchez aim to make scars as inconspicuous as possible.

Will tummy tuck fix diastasis recti?

Dr. Erick Sanchez often uses abdominoplasty to correct diastasis recti (which is a separation of the abdominal muscles often caused by pregnancy or significant weight fluctuations). During this procedure, the surgeon will tighten and repair your abdominal muscles to address diastasis recti and provide a more toned and firmer abdominal contour.

Will tummy tuck help my back pain?

In many cases, having a tummy tuck will help alleviate back pain caused by weakened abdominal muscles and excess skin. Tightening your abdominal muscles helps provide better support for the spine, which may then reduce or eliminate back pain for some patients. If you’re interested in having a tummy tuck for this reason, make sure to discuss this with Dr. Erick Sanchez during one of your pre-surgery consultations in Baton Rouge.

Will tummy tuck affect future pregnancy?

Many practitioners recommend that you wait until you have completed your family before you undergo this procedure. This is because getting pregnant after a tummy tuck can reverse the results – causing the skin and muscles to stretch again. A good approach is to discuss your future family plans with your Dr. Erick Sanchez to determine the best timing for your abdominoplasty in Louisiana.

Will tummy tuck remove fat?

The primary goal of tummy tuck surgery is to address excess skin and tighten abdominal muscles. It is not designed to be a weight loss procedure and does not significantly remove fat. However, Dr. Erick Sanchez may combine liposuction with abdominoplasty to remove localized fat deposits and improve overall body contour.


"I researched abdominoplasty for months before I had a consultation with Dr Sanchez and his team. They were so available and patient with me through all of my questions even before I finally secured my surgery date. My husband attended my post op appointment with me and I was so impressed with how attentive Dr Sanchez was while he educated him on what was about to happen. I knew I would be pleased but my results exceeded my expectations and I’m so extremely happy!"


"Dr. Sanchez is extremely honest, helpful, accommodating, and skilled. He is upfront about expectations as well as understanding of a patient’s wants. His bedside manner is collected, patient, and overall just wonderful. I really love this plastic surgery clinic and I definitely recommend!!"


"Dr. Sanchez performed tummy tuck with 360 lipo I am currently 11 weeks post op and I cannot thank him enough for the awesome job he done and with the great bedside manner.... prior to choosing Sanchez I consulted with several local physicians and also surgeons in Miami and Dominican Republic. Decided on Sanchez due to his warm and welcoming and patient manner during my initial consultation. My surgery was on a Friday Dr. Sanchez gave my husband his personal cell phone number to contact him if I had any issues over the weekend that itself made me know that i had chosen the right doctor for my procedure..., I have absolutely no complaints about Dr. Sanchez or his entire staff and my results are amazing."


"Simply the BEST. If you are checking reviews to make your decision on a Dr. stop here. Dr. Sanchez is hands down the best. My results are amazing, his talent speaks for its self. I look forward to trips to the office, his staff is super friendly and Dr. Sanchez always makes you feel so comfortable. 10/10 all of the time!"


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