Will Breast Augmentation Limit My Active Lifestyle?

by | Oct 17, 2019

When thinking about breast augmentation, there are several aspects to consider. You have to consider your body type, implant size or shape, your plastic surgeon, and what kind of lifestyle you lead. If you are athletic and enjoy exercising regularly, breast implants are not out of the question to enhance your profile. Women of all backgrounds thinking about this transformative surgery have elements to consider to determine the augmentation procedure that suits them. If you live an active lifestyle, finding an expert like Baton Rouge plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez is the first step in determining the right breast augmentation process to fit your needs.

Dr. Erick Sanchez performs Baton Rouge plastic surgery and is also a board certified plastic surgeon. Founder of Sanchez Plastic Surgery and a leading expert on breast augmentation, Dr. Sanchez is highly regarded by his patients for providing excellent results. Making an informed decision and considering your physical fitness level are important factors when deciding on a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Sanchez’s expert advice can determine the steps to take prior to your surgery so you can remain active while loving the way you look.

Living an active lifestyle in Baton Rouge

When undergoing breast augmentation Baton Rouge women should consider some factors if they are fitness-minded. Women who regularly exercise or play a sport worry that their enhanced breasts will get in the way of such activities. Most athletic women are generally stronger, thinner, and more muscular. Breast implant size, shape, and placement are key factors to consider, so the augmentation works not only for the patient’s lifestyle but their body type. Dr. Sanchez works closely with each of his patients to determine what they need to get their desired results.

Questions to consider and discuss

Breast augmentation is still possible even if you are physically active or play a professional sport. Consider the following questions:

  • What type of fitness program or activity do you do?

  • What type of sport do you play?

  • What are your aesthetic goals?

Athletic or active women may contemplate breast implants to feel better about their appearance, and in some instances, to look more feminine. Women who are physically fit generally lose body fat, which may involve their breasts losing volume or shape. Women can opt for breast augmentation and breast implants in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to address those changes to their chest as they become more physically fit. Breast implants can restore shape and volume, as well as enhance a woman’s physique while fitting in with her active lifestyle.

Implant type and size for active women

Most fitness-focused women, especially runners or competitive bodybuilders, generally have a low BMI (body mass index) and are thin. These factors play a part in what type of implant would best complement their body type. Silicone implants seem to be better suited for slimmer women or women who have thin breast tissue. Silicone implants reduce the issue of “rippling” when compared to saline. As larger implants are more substantial in weight, women who are runners or do intense programs like CrossFit should consider a moderate to small implant to accommodate their exercise regimen.

Location and placement are key factors

Most women are concerned with the type and size of the implant, but for athletic, active women, placement is also something to discuss with your surgeon. In most cases, submuscular placement to protect the implant is ideal for active women. The implant is placed under the chest muscle, which also gives it a more natural appearance. Location is also crucial, particularly for runners who want to maintain their stride and golfers concerned about their golf swing. Discussing the position and placement of the implants with a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Sanchez will help prevent the implant location from being an issue.

Maintaining your fitness level during recovery

Timing is an essential factor for active, athletic women. Female bodybuilders, runners, and cross-trainers spend a significant amount of time training, so it is important to plan your procedure around any competitions or races. A recovery period is necessary after any surgery, so avoiding any strenuous activity or exercising for several weeks is crucial. It’s important to maintain follow-up appointments and work with your plastic surgeon after your procedure, to ensure you are ready to get back to exercising or training.

CrossFit enthusiasts, yogis, runners, and professional athletes can all contemplate breast augmentation without worrying it will be detrimental to their healthy lifestyle. Breast implants are not uncommon for fitness-focused women who want to exercise, but careful planning and working with the right plastic surgeon beforehand is vital to avoid any negative results. Women who are active and physically fit want to look their best and in some cases, feel more feminine. Dr. Sanchez will make sure you get the right type, size, and placement so your new implants will properly fit into what you need.

Dr. Erick Sanchez is a well-versed, board-certified Baton Rouge plastic surgeon with a state-of-the-art surgical center in Baton Rouge, LA. Along with a professional medical staff, Sanchez Plastic Surgery provides a comfortable, warm environment that delivers stunning, beautiful results to their patients. As with any cosmetic surgery, proper planning and realistic goals are essential to achieve the results that best suit your healthy lifestyle. If you are considering breast implants, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanchez today. With his expertise, you can enhance your figure and continue to enjoy your active lifestyle!

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