When Should Breast Implants Be Changed Out?

by | Aug 11, 2020

Breast augmentation is a common plastic surgery procedure performed by Dr. Erick Sanchez, MD. Women who want to improve the size, shape, or alignment of their breasts while maintaining a pleasant natural breast appearance. Patients may choose from either saline or silicone implants. These implants are surgically placed into the natural breasts at Sanchez Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA. However, these implants don’t last forever. Many of our patients wonder how to know when their breast implants need replacing. During a consultation, Dr. Sanchez can evaluate your implants to give you a professional opinion on when they should be removed and/or changed out.

How often should breast implants be replaced?

Many of our Baton Rouge, LA patients wonder when to replace their implant. The timeline associated with replacement varies depending on if they are functioning right and if you’re happy with them. Dr. Sanchez will look for signs of rupture, leakage, migration, or unevenness during your consultation at Sanchez Plastic Surgery. We recommend in conjunction with the Federal Drug Administration that all of our breast implant patients have an MRI every 3 years to check for leaks. Usually, insurance won’t cover this test, but it is a necessary cost associated with having a breast augmentation. For those who replaced their breast implants, their recovery time will be much easier than their initial breast augmentation. Most of the pain felt during recovery initially is from the pocket under the muscle. Once this pocket is made, the second surgery goes much easier. We may even be able to use the same scar.

Why should I replace my implants?

Some breast implant problems have obvious side effects such as capsular contracture or an uneven look. However, others are more subtle. This is why it’s important to schedule regular follow-up visits to Dr. Sanchez after your breast augmentation. He can detect problems before any painful symptoms or serious side effects begin. Both saline and silicone implants can leak and usually does so slowly.

Five signs that your implants need to be changed out

The companies that manufacture breast implants usually give a 10-year warranty to their implants. However, this doesn’t mean that is when they should be replaced. That will vary from patient to patient.

Here are five signs that you need a breast revision surgery to change your implants:

  1. Your silicone gel implant ruptured: It’s pretty easy for us to tell if your implant has leaked. However, it’s harder to tell if it has ruptured. Ruptured implants usually look and feel much like they did after surgery. This is because the ruptured silicone is contained by the capsule that formed around the implant. Silicone also doesn’t usually travel in the body as well.
  2. Your saline implants have deflated: If your implants deflate, it’s time to change them out. You will notice a decreased size in your implants. You will need breast revision surgery to replace your implants with new implants.
  3. Your breasts look deformed or uneven: This is pretty straightforward, but if you experience this result, you most likely need different implants placed during a breast revision surgery.
  4. You have a capsule contracture: A capsule contracture is when scar tissue forms around your implant and hardens, which causes it to change shape or position. Baton Rouge women can develop these contractures in one or both breasts, which require a breast revision where the implants are changed out and the breast implant pocket is corrected.
  5. You want a different implant size: Sometimes you change your mind after the fact, and that’s okay. Dr. Sanchez can help you to choose an implant that suits your goal for your bust and replace your existing ones.

Learn more about if your breast implants should be changed

It’s important that you have regular follow-up visits with Dr. Erick Sanchez to look for signs of rupture or leakage. At Sanchez Plastic Surgery, we recommend our patients schedule an appointment whenever they detect any changes with their implants or experience pain or discomfort. Call our Baton Rouge, LA office today to schedule this important visit.

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