Steps To Being Active Again With Surgery After Weight Loss

by | Aug 21, 2019

For patients who have lost a significant amount of weight through diet, exercise, surgery, or other means, the newfound freedom and opportunity to be active and fit is exciting. Unfortunately, many patients in Baton Rouge, LA are disappointed in the excess skin that often results from substantial weight loss. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez and his team of experts at Sanchez Plastic Surgery are proud to offer ‘After Weight Loss Surgery’ as an option to remove excess skin and fat, allowing patients to engage in full physical activity and gain a new lease on life.

Following a significant amount of weight loss – usually about 100 pounds or more – many patients are disappointed to find that they have excess, drooping, or sagging skin that will not firm up no matter how much they exercise. This excess and cumbersome skin – typically in the abdomen, pubic area, arms, breasts, and legs – can make everyday activities and other physical or athletic pursuits incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, modern cosmetic surgery offers patients the ability to regain full range of activity thanks to after weight loss surgery.

After years of being stretched out, sometimes surgical procedures are the only option for eliminating excess skin and stubborn pockets of fat for Baton Rouge, LA area men and women. Using a combination of procedures including lower body lift, back lift, and more, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez is able to sculpt a patient’s body and create an appealing and beautiful overall contour. Not only this, but the team at Sanchez Plastic Surgery will use every available and appropriate procedure to ensure that you love the way you look as well as love how you are able to move and be active again.

To achieve an enhanced shape and begin the process of becoming active again after weight loss, patients in Baton Rouge, LA should start with the following steps:

Maintain weight loss results

Arguably the most important piece of the puzzle on your journey to regaining full range of activity is not just achieving – but maintaining – your healthy goal weight. When a patient’s weight fluctuates before or after post-weight loss surgery, the chances of long-lasting results diminish significantly. If a patient has maintained a stable and reasonable weight for 6 – 12 months after first noticing the excess “hanging” skin, then he or she may be an ideal candidate for after weight loss surgery.

Set your goals and expectations

While after weight loss surgery can produce dramatic and positive results, it is important for patients to outline their goals and establish realistic expectations for the procedure. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sanchez is committed to providing the highest level of patient care for men and women in Baton Rouge, LA and will take the time to answer all of your questions and recommend the most appropriate course of action while taking into consideration your specific needs and goals.

Most patients are able to pinpoint their “problem areas” and have an idea about what they place the highest priority on in terms of their eventual result. For some, the reduction of sagging abdominal skin is most important, while for others, the excess skin in their upper arms – commonly referred to as “bat wings” – is the biggest obstacle in regaining their full range of motion. Regardless of the issue, the expert team at Sanchez Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA can guide you in the right direction and recommend a plan of action that will lead you toward being able to be fully active again.

Consult with a qualified physician

The most important part of undergoing surgery after weight loss is to select a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. While seemingly straightforward, after weight loss surgery is actually quite complex, taking anywhere from 4-7 hours to complete, and requires a skillful hand and wealth of knowledge and experience specifically in this area to carry out a successful procedure with outstanding results and minimal scarring. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez at Sanchez Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA is highly skilled and expertly trained in the nuances of weight after weight loss surgery.

Follow your recovery plan

As with any surgery, it is imperative that patients adhere to post-operative procedures in order to achieve the best possible outcome and ensure a healthy recovery. Following after weight loss surgery, patients in Baton Rouge, LA can expect to receive both written and verbal instructions regarding medications, restricted activities, and more. The removal of excess skin should be considered a major surgery with the post-op instructions to be taken very seriously. Patients who follow their recovery routine closely are able to resume routine activity and begin new physical activities sooner than those who don’t.

If you have lost more than 100 pounds and feel that your physical mobility is limited due to excess skin, you may be a candidate for after weight loss surgery. The first step in determining whether the procedure is right for you is to let board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez evaluate you. Call our office at Sanchez Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation today.

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