7 things your plastic surgeon wants you to know

by | Aug 20, 2022

Plastic surgery has become more common than ever. Surgeons have perfected their craft and are able to offer a vast number of procedures with a high degree of safety and efficiency. However, if you have thought about going for a cosmetic procedure, it is important that you know what to expect and what is needed to achieve the best possible outcome. This article highlights 7 things your Baton Rouge plastic surgeon wants you to know before you even schedule your first consultation visit.

You should be in good health

Plastic surgeons make a point to review each patient’s medical history before they agree to perform procedures. The goal is to make sure that you are in good physical and mental health before you go under the knife. People with health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular illness, and lung disease are typically not ideal candidates because there is a higher risk of complications. Similarly, people suffering from mental health issues may not be able to handle the psychological demands of cosmetic surgery. Erick Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery, will ask a set of questions to learn more about your health before agreeing to perform your procedure.

Be honest

When it comes to working with a plastic surgeon, honesty is always the best policy. You need to keep in mind that plastic surgeons aren’t magicians so they can’t read your mind. If you need a breast augmentation, for instance, make sure that you convey your motivations and be as specific as possible regarding the results you desire. This in turn ensures that the surgeon is able to create a unique treatment plan that is individualized to your specific needs.

Only work with a qualified surgeon

Finding a seasoned plastic surgeon is important to increase your chances of attaining the results you are looking for. Start by asking for certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. These are independent organizations that certify practitioners who adhere to high standards of safety and quality. In addition to board certification, you also want to work with a plastic surgeon who is experienced in the specific procedure that you want to have, and who offers an excellent overall surgical experience.

Have realistic expectations

While plastic surgery can do a lot to enhance your aesthetic appearance, it’s not a magic bullet. You need to make sure that your expectations are based on reality. For instance, if you intend to have natural breast augmentation, keep in mind that this cosmetic procedure can only achieve mild or modest (at best) increases in breast size. The same goes for every other procedure. During your consultation visit, Dr. Sanchez should be able to listen to your expectations and let you know whether they are realistic based on the procedure you want to have.

Block time for recovery

Following your cosmetic procedure, you’ll need to set aside time so you can focus on your well-being. The specific recovery duration can range from a few days to a couple of months based on your specific treatment regimen. During this time, your body needs a lot of rest to regain its strength and recover from the trauma of surgery. You need to be entirely relaxed and away from demanding work activities. Work with your plastic surgeon to create a schedule so you can make plans to stay away from work ahead of time.

Learn about the cost

Health insurers typically do not pay for cosmetic procedures that are elective in nature. Procedures that are deemed to be medically necessary, including breast reconstruction, are usually covered. If your procedure is not covered by insurance and you need to pay out of pocket, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the cost so you can make plans ahead of time. Plastic surgeons sometimes offer financing options that can make it easier for you to spread out the cost of the surgery over a duration of time.

Maintain patience

It is not uncommon for patients to worry about the kind of results they can expect once the procedure is completed and they are fully recovered. The important thing is to do your homework, work with a seasoned plastic surgeon, and remain patient as your results take shape. If you are overly anxious during the recovery duration, consider talking to someone close or even reaching out to your plastic surgeon’s office about the same.

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