Neck Liposuction and Its Dramatic Outcomes Revealed

by | Jun 27, 2019

Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic body contouring to give individuals a slimmer or shapelier figure. As we age, it gets harder with diet and exercise to eliminate unwanted fat in certain areas. The neck area is no exception and one of the first places the signs of aging start to take hold, especially for women. Do you struggle with a “double chin” or feel like your profile has changed over time in that general area? Neck contouring with liposuction can create a more refined, firmer appearance and give both women and men a younger looking profile.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez is a leading cosmetic expert in Baton Rouge, LA. When it comes to liposuction, Dr. Sanchez has the experience and know-how to tackle problem areas such as the neck. Dr. Sanchez provides his patients in Baton Rouge with excellent care, giving them dramatic results with neck liposuction. Here is some helpful information on what neck liposuction can do and how it can cosmetically change the way you look.

Redefining your neck

The neck is often overlooked as an important part of a youthful appearance. Unfortunately, with age, it is one of the first places individuals start to see changes and where excess submental fat begins to accumulate. This “double chin” effect can make the chin area look puffy and patients lose chin definition. Subcutaneous fat accumulation under the chin is typically the result of weight fluctuations, genetics and the natural process of aging, especially for women. Even with diet and exercise or over-the-counter creams, once unwanted fat settles in the neck and chin area it is difficult to get rid of it.

Neck liposuction

Patients in the Baton Rouge area can get amazing results with neck contouring techniques like liposuction. Individuals who are good candidates for this procedure are those who have healthy skin with good elasticity. An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sanchez can improve a patient’s profile while making them look younger by eliminating those unwanted fatty deposits in the neck area.

How does the procedure work?

Neck liposuction is a fairly straightforward procedure. In some cases, it can be performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Sanchez will make one or two very small incisions underneath the chin. With a tiny cannula instrument, the fatty deposits are extracted from those incision sites in order to sculpt and create a more natural neckline while giving patients a more defined profile.

Main goals of neck liposuction

Even though a more common cosmetic procedure for women, men can also benefit from neck liposuction. It can aesthetically eliminate the appearance of a “double chin” or any puffiness under the chin or neck area. Neck liposuction helps redefine the neck or jawline of patients in Baton Rouge in order to sculpt and create a definite chin, giving them balance with their other facial features.

Recovery from neck liposuction

With neck liposuction, the incisions are tiny and concealed by the chin and ears so there is minimal discomfort after surgery. Following the procedure, patients will typically wear a supportive chin garment for a couple of days and can be ready to fully return to regular activities after 2 weeks. Patients will experience some bruising and swelling post-op but it should be completely unnoticeable after 10-14 days. This procedure yields big results for patients in Baton Rouge which can be permanent as long as patients maintain their weight.

Neck liposuction and other cosmetic options

Not only does neck liposuction give patients immediate, amazing results but it also can be easily combined with other cosmetic procedures. If patients are bothered by loose, sagging skin also known as “turkey neck” then a neck lift can be performed in tandem with neck liposuction to give a more contoured, tighter appearance. Neck liposuction can also be combined with other types of cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty or chin implants to give patients an overall enhanced look.

Quality surgical care

Even though neck liposuction is a relatively simple procedure, a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sanchez will ensure the patient gets amazing results. It’s important that your plastic surgeon of choice understands the unique relationship between the neck and facial anatomy which together work to give a patient their natural appearance. To successfully and safely perform neck contouring, a plastic surgeon must have a creative eye and surgical experience with facial cosmetic procedures. Ask to see before and after photos of their neck contouring results in order to give you an idea of the plastic surgeon’s aesthetic style and what they can do for you.

If you are unhappy with how your neck or chin area looks, then neck contouring with liposuction can dramatically improve your profile. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez can help reshape and redefine your neck area with the aid of liposuction to give you beautiful neckline again. A leading specialist in fat removal procedures, Dr. Sanchez has helped women and men take back their youthful appearance and look more fit and trim with body contouring procedures like neck liposuction. If you are in the Baton Rouge, LA area and are considering neck liposuction, we invite you to call or schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanchez today.

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