Lift Me Up! Your Complete Guide To Breast Lift Surgery

by | Mar 27, 2019

It might surprise you, but breast lifts are almost as common as breast augmentation or implants in the United States. More and more women are taking back their youthful look with their natural breasts and rejuvenating them with a breast lift. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons have shown that breast lifts have grown outpacing implant surgery 2 to 1 since 2000. Because of new techniques, surgeon skill, and more options available to women today, breast lift surgery can tighten and lift your natural breasts to make them look young again. Dr. Erick Sanchez, a board-certified Baton Rouge, LA plastic surgeon, performs this transforming procedure for women and offers insight on what this cosmetic surgery can do for you.

Benefits of a breast lift

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is exactly like it sounds, which is a cosmetic procedure that lifts the breasts to rejuvenate their appearance. A woman’s breasts can change over time losing shape and elasticity. Breasts can begin to sag or “droop” and in some cases can cause a woman’s nipples to point downward. A breast lift doesn’t necessarily change the actual size of the breasts like an implant would do, but instead this surgery lifts the natural breasts to a more youthful looking position on the chest wall. Even though this cosmetic procedure is not talked about as frequently as its counterpart of breast augmentation, it has an important impact on helping boost a woman’s confidence and self-esteem.

Reasons why the breasts change…

There are many reasons why a woman’s breasts change over time. The breast is composed of fatty tissue and ligaments that contain no muscle tissue, therefore, no amount of exercising or weight training will change the shape or health of the breasts. Breast skin laxity can become thinner or stretched, which causes them to change. In our Baton Rouge plastic surgery center, we find that the most common reasons a woman’s breasts change are due to:

  • Weight fluctuations

  • Pregnancy or multiple pregnancies

  • Breastfeeding

  • Genetics (woman genetically larger endure more sag over time with their natural breasts)

  • Age

  • Gravity


The ideal candidate

Your first step to finding out if your a candidate for a breast lift is to consult with a Baton Rouge board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Erick Sanchez. During your initial consultation, an examination will determine if you have any of the following factors to determine if a breast lift is the right solution for you.

  • Your nipples or areolas point downward or even hang below the crease of your breasts

  • Your areolas have changed over time and are larger

  • Your breasts are elongated in shape

  • Your breasts have lost volume and sag

  • Your nipples point downward

  • You dislike the look of your current breasts due to lack of shape and perkiness

  • You experience skin issues (such as rashes) due to sagging breasts

  • You experience back or neck pain caused by the strain of sagging breasts

  • You have asymmetrical breasts or one breast hangs lower than the other

  • Your current breasts limit your physical activity


About the procedure

The purpose of the breast lift is to tighten the breast and create a younger looking aesthetic result. A breast lift removes excess skin and tightens the underlying and surrounding tissue in the breast area to lift and reshape the breasts. A woman’s nipples are repositioned and placed higher to give a natural, symmetrical appearance on the newly lifted breasts. There are a number of incision types that can be discussed based on the amount of sag, excess skin, and ptosis that is present.

Can I get implants at the same time?

It is very common for women to consider breast augmentation during a breast lift. Many wish to increase their breast size but realize augmentation alone will not improve their appearance. Once a breast lift has been successfully performed, implants can be incorporated into the surgery to provide the volume a patient desires. Some women initially think that they want implants, but after a breast lift is performed, love the way their new breasts look and no longer feel the need for implants, especially if enough native breast tissue existed. Patients who do receive implants during a breast lift gain shape, size, and a firmer breast as a result.

The best breast lift results

A breast lift can have an amazing effect on improving the appearance of a woman’s natural breasts. While many women worry about scarring, new surgical methods have helped offer more options that limit scarring as much as possible. After surgery, if patients want their newly, lifted breasts to be a long term enjoyment then maintaining their current weight and being done with pregnancies is recommended.

It is important to understand that while a breast lift can transform the breasts and make them look younger and shapelier, it cannot stop the hands of time. The natural aging process can slowly continue to change the look and feel of the breasts. However, breast lift surgery offers outstanding results that can last years. Women who live a healthy lifestyle and continue to wear supportive garments during exercise and activities, and avoid sun exposure, can enjoy their results for years to come.

A breast lift can make a woman’s breasts firmer and remove the saggy appearance that occurs over time in order to give women a more youthful appearance. With advancements in surgical techniques, breast lift results are lasting longer and looking more natural than ever. As with all cosmetic procedures, finding a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon who is board certified is very important to get the best end results.

If you are considering breast lift surgery, we invite you to call our Baton Rouge, LA plastic surgery center to schedule your consultation with Dr. Erick Sanchez to discover what this common treatment can do for you.

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