I’m Petite and Thin and Am Ready for Breast Implants. Which One Is Right for Me?

by | Jun 12, 2019

The two biggest questions when deciding to do breast augmentation Baton Rouge are: what size and what type of implant? Breast augmentation is not a cookie cutter type of procedure as every woman is different. When it comes to women who have a smaller body type or more petite frame, bigger isn’t always the better option for them. Petite or thin women need to take special consideration when deciding on what the best type and size of breast implant they should choose. The good news is that today there are several different options available and a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon will make sure you find the right one for you.

Erick Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery Baton Rouge is one of the leading cosmetic practices in the Louisiana area. Founded by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez, his experienced and friendly staff offers a modern facility where patients can feel comfortable. Dr. Sanchez uses the latest technology and surgical techniques to give his patients the breast augmentation results they desire. If you are petite or have a small frame and are considering breast implants, here is some helpful information on what you need to know so you are better informed on how to make the right decision.

Questions to consider

When deciding to get breast implants there are several decisions to be made. What size of implant should you get? What type of implant should you choose? Do you need a breast lift? What type of enhancement should you do for your specific body type? The last question is very important for women who are thin or have a small frame. Breast implants should complement a woman’s body. Petite or thin women have to take their body type into special consideration when deciding what is best for them.

Keeping in mind your body type

Women in Baton Rouge are going with a more natural look to their breast augmentation with implants, but they still want to see a difference in their overall appearance. Breast implants should enhance a woman’s profile or silhouette but not be overpowering. So how can petite or thin women get a good balance between the implants they choose and their smaller frame? Working with an experienced and qualified board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sanchez is the first step. It’s also important to keep in mind that what looks good on a larger or taller woman will look completely different on you.

Implant considerations for petite or thin women

Women who are smaller or more petite have to remember that 350cc will look different on their frame versus a taller or larger woman. If you have a small chest frame, getting bigger implants runs the risk of them being squeezed together or looking “too heavy” for your petite body type. With so many implant options, a petite or thinner woman should choose a high-profile implant that usually is smaller in diameter. This type of implant can allow a smaller woman to have more volume in size without crowding her smaller chest area. With so many breast implant options available today to women in Baton Rouge, petite or thin women can find the right solution for them.

Compliment your smaller frame

Any woman considering breast implants needs to complement their body type. Some women have broad shoulders, while some have narrow shoulders. This particular factor will affect the size implants a woman should choose. Also, if a woman is thin, getting large implants will be overpowering to her current size. All patients need to consider their body shape, frame, height, and overall look when deciding on their implant type and size.

Professional opinion

Working closely with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sanchez will allow patients in Baton Rouge to get a professional opinion on what the best option is for your body type. Loving your final results is dependent on finding the right doctor who can help you figure out the right implants for you. Women with a smaller frame have to consider the size of their overall body when determining what implants will work for them. It is essential to consult with a professional who has extensive breast augmentation experience and a keen eye on what would look the best for you.

No matter what size you are, it is important to choose an implant that fits your frame and body type. Women in Baton Rouge come in all sizes and shapes so finding the right implant for you is part of the process in order to get the results you want. Petite or thin women have to consider their body frame and how their new breast enhancements can give them the “wow” factor without overpowering their tiny stature.

Dr. Erick Sanchez has performed numerous breast augmentation Baton Rouge procedures on women of all sizes. His patient-first approach makes him one of the most highly regarded board-certified plastic surgeons in the area. If you are a petite or thin woman, let Dr. Sanchez help you pick the right implants and eliminate any doubt or concern you may have about what is right for you. If you are interested in breast augmentation surgery call or schedule your consultation with Dr. Sanchez at  Baton Rouge Plastic Surgery today.

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