I Wanted Breast Augmentation And Was Told I Needed A Breast Lift. Now What?

by | Apr 17, 2019

Planning to have cosmetic breast surgery? It is important to research the facts and know what options are available. Breast augmentation and breast lift procedures are quite different in nature but a common combination when it comes to women wanting to change or enhance the appearance of their natural breasts. A breast lift will change the shape and firmness of your natural breasts. Breast augmentation will change the size. Together they can enhance a woman’s current breast to give a more beautiful end-result to their new look. If you think about it, you don’t want to put an implant into an already droopy or sagging breast, as it will only sag further after the augmentation process. A breast lift will provide perkier, younger looking breasts before improving the size and look with implants.

Many women come to our Baton Rouge, LA plastic surgery practice hoping to get a fuller bust with breast implants. If ptosis (sag) is present, Dr. Sanchez explains how a breast lift procedure can correct this. Having performed countless breast rejuvenation procedures, he explains the ins and outs of cosmetic breast surgery so you can get the right result.

The uplifting truth about a breast lift…

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is simply a procedure to remove excess skin in order to lift the breast tissue to reshape or raise a woman’s natural breasts. Sagging or drooping breasts is a common occurrence for women due to age, changes to the breasts due to pregnancy, nursing, or women with heavy, large. Candidates for a breast lift in Baton Rouge typically are dealing with loss of volume or shape to their natural breasts and in some cases their nipples even turning downward. Not all women have severe ptosis and often believe that breast augmentation with implants will help them get a fuller, shapelier breast. If a certain degree of ptosis is present, a lift usually recommended first. A breast lift can reduce the signs of sagging and even help with changes in the areola or nipples. A lift can also help boost your self-confidence and make your natural breasts look young again.

Consulting a professional to see what you need…

Breast augmentation is still the most popular cosmetic procedure done in the United States. Breast augmentation has changed, in several ways, since the introduction of implants in the 60’s. Implants have improved, surgical techniques have improved, and the overall breast augmentation process has changed to allow patients a quicker, easier recovery. Yet one aspect with cosmetic breast surgeries remains the same, which is consulting a qualified plastic surgeon. A board-certified Baton Rouge plastic surgeon, like Dr. Sanchez, will examine your breasts and give a professional opinion about whether a patient needs a breast lift prior to augmentation in order to optimize the end result.

The Combo of a lift and implants…

Since all women are different, that means every breast lift procedure differs as well. In some cases, a breast lift may be needed to offer a better platform for the insertion of implants especially if a patient is dealing with loss of volume or shape. Since a lift doesn’t provide a different size to the natural breast, it is imperative that the breast have good “shape” before adding more size with implants. It is the best way for a woman to get the most out of her breast augmentation Baton Rouge procedure by repositioning her natural breasts first with a breast lift. In many cases, women learn that they have plenty of native breast tissue to get the size they desire with a lift alone. This is often learned during a thorough consultation. Once lifted higher and surgically tightened, this lifts the natural breast tissue and for some women, an implant is not needed.

Better surgical skill, techniques…quicker recovery

With advancements in medical technology, like gentler anesthesia, or changes in post-operative protocol patients are experiencing quicker, easier recoveries from breast rejuvenation procedures. Along with advancements in surgical techniques, plastic surgeons are able to combine a lift and augmentation, into one outpatient surgery in order to reduce the need for 2 surgeries as well as the appearance of scarring. There are several plastic surgeons, in the Baton Rouge area, but finding a qualified surgeon who is utilizing the most up-to-date surgical techniques will give you the best outcome for your breast lift and augmentation surgery.

Need another opinion?

If you are concerned that getting a breast lift is an unnecessary step in your breast augmentation process, then get a second opinion with a Baton Rouge plastic surgeon. In most cases, if you are showing signs that your natural breasts have lost shape or elasticity then your breasts will need to be lifted or repositioned before receiving implants. Another rule of thumb is if your nipples turn downward then you are more than likely a breast lift candidate prior to augmentation. A qualified, professional plastic surgeon, like Dr. Sanchez, will not put their patients through an unnecessary surgery if it is not needed so getting a second opinion or consult is never a bad idea.

If you are concerned you need a breast lift prior to getting implants then you are not alone. A very common duo, in the cosmetic world, with women improving the look of their current breasts. You want your breast augmentation to look amazing so in some cases a breast lift is needed to get the best results. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Erick Sanchez of Sanchez Plastic Surgery Baton Rouge, is a leading expert for breast lift and breast augmentation procedures. He will help determine if you need both procedures in order to get you feeling great again about your breasts. Call or schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanchez today!

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