How Does a Plastic Surgeon Perform After Weight Loss Surgery?

by | Aug 6, 2020

Dealing with excess skin after dramatic weight loss? Perhaps you are now finally ready to address other areas of your body after recent weight loss surgery. As a board-certified plastic surgeon and the founder of Sanchez Plastic Surgery, Dr. Erick Sanchez and his team of specialists in Baton Rouge, LA are ready to hear any and all of your questions, thoughts, and concerns regarding plastic surgery after shedding a significant amount of excess weight.

In short, Sanchez Plastic Surgery wants you to know that your life after weight loss begins right now. In order to properly focus on your most pressing issues, here are a few of the more common questions from patients who inquire about certain cosmetic procedures after shedding considerable weight or undergoing weight loss surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About After Weight Loss Surgery

What is after weight loss surgery?

The keyword is “after.” You’ve already gotten through the most difficult part of the weight-loss process, now is the time to address the contours and details you want to modify in order to put the finishing touches on the new you. Specifically, the professionals at Sanchez Plastic Surgery refer to it as after weight loss surgery, and it can involve anything from a tummy tuck to correct sagging skin to that breast augmentation you always wanted.

Who are the ideal candidates for after weight loss surgery?

Typically, Dr. Sanchez performs after weight loss surgery in the Baton Rouge area for patients who have lost more than 100 pounds. Having lost so much weight, upon successful recovery, you may notice you now have excessive or sagging skin. This is completely normal, though not ideal. Sanchez Plastic Surgery will assess the excess areas of skin you are concerned with, and work with you to correct these issues based on your individual health, body type, and specific aesthetic wants and needs.

What are the common areas that can be addressed with after weight loss surgery?

Most areas of the body can be fine-tuned to your specifications with after weight loss surgery. Usually, the most common requests we get are for adjustments in areas where considerable excess fat has been lost, like the stomach, arms, or buttocks. However, areas such as the breasts, legs, and face can also experience a considerably noticeable aftereffect, and may be required to be cosmetically corrected in order to better achieve your most desired outcome.

What kinds of cosmetic surgery are most effective after weight loss?

First and foremost, the results of any kind of cosmetic surgery depend on the individual patient, how much weight you’ve lost, how much excess skin you have, and the areas of your body you wish to now sculpt. However, some of the most effective after weight loss procedures at Sanchez Plastic Surgery include:

  • Body Contouring – A general term to describe the stretching and removal of excess fatty deposits and tissues on both primary sections of your body (upper and lower). Dr. Sanchez will customize and personalize any number of body contouring procedures so you can achieve maximum results from your weight loss

  • Tummy Tuck – Usually the area of your body that is most visually altered after any weight-loss-surgery recovery. Dr. Sanchez can utilize procedures such as liposuction or abdominoplasty to tighten and remove excessive skin to give you the flat stomach you hoped to fully achieve at your new ideal weight.

  • Upper- or Lower-Body Lift – Even after successful surgery, any lingering fat on various parts of your body is quite difficult to lose with just diet and exercise alone. Skin and tissue may also be sagging underneath your arms, along your bottom, or in places you rarely see, like your upper back or on your lower thighs.

  • Breast Lift/Augmentation – Considerable weight loss can also affect significant areas you wish it did not. Many times patients will combine this after weight loss surgery with a breast lift or breast augmentation in order to receive their most desired results.

Are you currently a good candidate for after weight loss surgery?

Besides the traits listed above, there are several other factors one should consider before committing to after weight loss surgery. If you’re still dissatisfied with your body after weight loss, do not smoke, and are currently in good health, contact Sanchez Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA for an initial consultation regarding after weight loss surgery. Dr. Erick Sanchez will listen to your realistic expectations, assess your commitment to long-term weight loss, and help you decide which procedures might be right for you.

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