Have You Lost A Lot Of Weight & Need Plastic Surgery?

by | May 15, 2019

Looking even better after losing the weight…

After losing weight, new clothes are typically on the agenda. Losing weight, especially a significant amount, is always exciting and the hard part of the journey is over, but it can leave behind a new set of challenges for men and women. You may notice that your slimmer, new physique is left with sagging, loose skin. Individuals that have made the choice to have a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise or received weight loss help with gastric bypass surgery are typically left with some form of excess skin. So how can it be fixed?

Baton Rouge board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez specializes in providing cosmetic procedures to help patients eliminate the excess, loose skin they are struggling with in order to look even more amazing after their weight loss journey. Here is some important information on how Dr. Sanchez, with Sanchez Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge, can help transform your body after weight loss and help you look even more amazing!

The skin issues left behind

Both men and women in Baton Rouge that have lost a significant amount of weight struggle with the weight loss aftermath in more than one area. Skin that has expanded to accommodate weight gain is then “deflated” once the weight is gone. Skin that is stretched won’t return back to normal leaving loose, sagging skin. Finding new clothes that fit to accommodate this excess skin becomes difficult. Also, dermatological issues such as skin rashes or irritations can begin to form in the folds of skin. The aesthetics and inability to be more active because of the loose, excess skin left behind are the two main reasons why individuals turn to cosmetic skin removal for help.

Corrective surgery help

After losing a significant amount of weight, loose skin is a common problem. Skin has to expand to accommodate fatty tissue that accumulates with gaining weight. When the weight is lost, it leaves skin loose because it has lost elasticity which cannot conform or “snap back” after the weight is gone. This can leave individuals feeling defeated with how they look after trying to get healthier. Many women and men turn to plastic surgery for help. After a significant amount of weight loss the typical target areas for skin removal are: the abdomen, breasts, arms, back, flanks, thighs, buttocks, and neck. Skin tightening and lifting techniques can help with body contouring after losing a significant amount of weight in order to make individuals feel more comfortable in their skin.


Most individuals or bariatric patients experience loose or sagging skin in more than one area after losing extreme weight. One or more corrective or body contouring procedures can be done at one time depending on the target areas. This allows the body to recover and heal properly after each corrective surgery therefore an entire body is not done all at once. The different types of corrective skin removal plastic surgery that Dr. Sanchez offers Baton Rouge men and women to tighten and eliminate loose skin are:

  • Breast lift (augmentation can be done at the same time)

  • Tummy tuck

  • Butt lift

  • Thigh lift

  • “Bra” lift

  • Lower body lift (a combination of lift type procedures done)

  • Upper arm lift

  • Neck lift

  • Facelift

  • Upper body lift (a combination of lift type procedures done)

Surgical skill is key

Body contouring and skin removal surgeries are invasive procedures. Typically, most body lift procedures involve liposuction in order to optimize the results for patients. A skilled, qualified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Sanchez will personalize the process for each of his patients. Helping patients decide which combination of lift procedures will be needed and if liposuction will be necessary in order to give them the best results. It is also key to have the right surgeon in order to minimize or reduce the scarring that is left behind after body corrective surgeries. The scars from corrective surgery will fade over time but a qualified surgeon will strategically place the incisions in order to give patients the best post-op results.

Another reason surgical skill is key

The skin is the largest organ for the body. It is an integral system made up of blood vessels, blood supply and nerves. It requires an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon, like Dr. Sanchez, who has skin removal expertise. Typically, a combination of procedures that requires the best surgical plan so patients are given the best and safest results. After significant weight loss, any type or combination of cosmetic procedures can help patients take their bodies to the next level and remove the unsightly issue of the extra skin left behind. The right, qualified surgeon will give you the best outcome so you can love the new skin you are in!

The hard part of the journey is over with losing the weight. You want to look in the mirror and love the way you look even more without the extra skin hanging around. Those new clothes are calling your name, but you don’t want to invest in a new wardrobe while trying to accommodate what your weight loss has left behind. Stop dealing with loose, sagging skin and check into corrective cosmetic surgery with Dr. Erick Sanchez. One of the leading plastic surgeons, in the Baton Rouge area, he has helped both men and women feel better and more confident after losing the weight. You can love your new skin you are in by taking this next step. Call or schedule your consultation appointment with Sanchez Plastic Surgery today so Dr. Sanchez can help you feel even better than you already look!

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