Get the Facts About After Weight Loss Surgery

by | Dec 6, 2019

Do you have excess skin after weight loss in certain areas? Do you feel like your life after weight loss is hindered by pockets of stubborn fat or loose skin? Body contouring procedures can be an excellent way to reduce the appearance of loose skin and excess fat and tone up certain trouble spots. Both women and men turn to body contouring help, especially after losing a significant amount of weight. Common target spots affected by aging, genetics, pregnancy, and weight loss can be nicely contoured so they are more proportionate with the rest of your figure.

At Sanchez Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez offers after weight loss plastic surgery for both men and women. This involves a combination of procedures to give patients a more youthful, contoured, tighter appearance. You have done the hard work of losing weight — now let an expert like Dr. Sanchez help you enjoy your new body.

Concerns following dramatic weight loss

After a significant weight loss, many patients feel more energetic and excited about how they look but may be plagued by other issues. Many women and men are left with sagging or loose skin and isolated pockets of stubborn fat that cannot be eliminated with diet and exercise. Significant weight loss causes the skin and tissue to lose elasticity, so it will no longer conform to the new shape of the body. After a dramatic weight loss, cosmetic intervention may be necessary to reduce extra, saggy skin. Body contouring procedures performed by a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sanchez provide two major improvements: The underlying tissue is tightened, giving certain areas more definition, and excess skin is removed.

Reshaping your body after weight loss

Post-weight loss help with body contouring surgery can dramatically change the way a person looks. It can slim down the waistline or create a more contoured neckline. Breast augmentation and a lift can enhance breast volume and shape after weight loss. When the body loses weight, it loses fat. Certain areas on the body may shrink, which causes the skin to become loose. Skin that has lost elasticity won’t bounce back, so surgery may be the only option to eliminate loose, sagging skin. Common issues after weight loss include:

  • Excess, loose skin or pockets of fat in the abdomen
  • Loose skin on the hips
  • Flabby skin or a “turkey neck” under the chin
  • Sagging breasts that have lost volume and have excess, loose skin
  • Excess fat or sagging skin around the buttocks or thighs
  • Excess skin or “bat wings” under the upper arms

Procedures to enhance your new, slimmer body

Post-weight loss procedures can finish what a patient started by losing weight and leave them with the body they have always wanted. After weight loss surgery is the final step in giving individuals the ability to feel great in their skin. Baton Rouge-area patients can get reshaping help with these procedures:

  • Breast augmentation: Enhance the size and shape of the breasts with implants
  • Breast lift: Correct sagging, drooping breasts and remove loose skin due to weight loss
  • Arm lift: Remove sagging skin and extract pockets of fat with liposuction in the upper arms
  • Tummy tuck: Tighten and tone the stomach area
  • Thigh lift: Tighten the appearance by removing excess skin in the upper leg area
  • Neck lift: Remove sagging skin and extract excess fat with liposuction for a more defined profile

A combination of procedures can be done to reveal a slimmer, tighter, more youthful appearance so you can feel even better about how you look. A lower body lift can address the cosmetic issues of the buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen. An back lift can treat the neck, arms, breasts, bra line area, and stomach.

During your private consultation, Dr. Sanchez will work with you to identify target areas and listen to your concerns. He will ensure that the areas in need of fat removal or skin tightening are addressed, so you will get your desired results from your surgery.

The ideal candidate for a body contouring procedure after weight loss is in good health, a nonsmoker, and at or near their ideal body weight for at least six months. After weight loss surgery can not only boost your self-esteem but make it easier to maintain your healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen. Baton Rouge, LA, patients love their post-weight loss results with body contouring surgery, and it helps ensure they will love how they look for years to come.

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