Does A Tummy Tuck Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

by | Aug 4, 2020

A positive body image has been known to promote high self-confidence in women. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez understands the impact plastic surgery can have, which is why we offer a wide variety of body contouring solutions at our clinic. Tummy tuck surgery can achieve your desired appearance by addressing sagging skin around the belly as well as stretch marks.

So how does a tummy tuck work, and can this procedure get rid of stretch marks? When you visit Sanchez Plastic Surgery, we will review your body goals and let you know if they can be accomplished. When you are ready to discuss what is involved in body contouring, we encourage you to schedule a meeting in Baton Rouge, LA. Our clinic is proud to help countless women reclaim their figures with tummy tuck surgery.

What causes stretch marks?

So what causes stretch marks in the first place? Pregnancy and drastic weight loss are just two of the most common reasons women get stretch marks. They may look like lines or streaks across the skin, often appearing on the abdomen, legs, hips, or other areas. Just like any scar, stretch marks are permanent, but there are treatments that make them less noticeable. While over-the-counter creams and lotions may <h3help, surgery can be much more effective. This is why many women seek tummy tuck surgery as a solution to get rid of stretch marks.

How does a tummy tuck work?

Factors such as genetics and recent pregnancies make it challenging to slim down, even with frequent diet and exercise. Pockets of fat and loose skin also obscure the figure you have worked so hard to build. Tummy tucks provide the finishing touches so patients look and feel their best. Dr. Sanchez personalizes treatment and recommendations based on your specific goals in Baton Rouge, LA.

So how does a tummy tuck work? A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, removes hanging skin to give individuals a smoother, firmer middle section. We may also employ liposuction techniques to remove small amounts of fat. Tummy tucks usually require an incision in the area between the pubic area and navel. The length is determined by the amount of skin that needs to be removed.

Sanchez Plastic Surgery realizes that stretch marks are a major annoyance for women who recently had a baby or lost a significant amount of weight. The great news is that stretch marks can be removed from the lower belly if they are located on the skin that is removed during tummy tuck surgery. As a result, patients can enjoy tighter, healthier-looking skin on their abdomen after recovery.

Candidates for tummy tuck surgery

Our team will begin the consultation by evaluating the overall health and quality of the abdominal skin. Some patients require minor tightening with a mini tuck, while others benefit from a more extensive approach. Anyone considering plastic surgery should be within 15 pounds of their goal weight since big changes in weight will alter their results moving forward. If you are planning future pregnancies, Dr. Sanchez may recommend waiting until your family is complete before getting rid of stretch marks or loose skin.

  • Ideal candidates for abdominoplasty or fat removal surgery demonstrate:
  • Loose, sagging skin on the abdomen
  • Weakened abdominal muscles due to pregnancy
  • Small pockets of fat in the abdomen

After your tummy tuck surgery

Dr. Sanchez takes several hours to complete tummy tuck surgery based on the amount of correction needed. Patients often receive general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. It is normal to feel swollen or sore, but the professionals at Sanchez Plastic Surgery can give you a surgical garment to reduce side effects and encourage healthy blood flow. We will also provide detailed post-operative instructions so you can manage any discomfort at home. Even though tummy tucks do cause some degree of scarring, a skilled surgeon can minimize these marks and ensure that they will be hidden under swimwear or clothing. Patients will also notice that their newly tightened abdominal skin is free from stretch marks.

Schedule stretch mark and fat removal surgery

Abdominoplasty works to address unwanted changes that occur around the abdomen and waistline. Whether your main concerns involve stretch marks or hanging abdominal skin, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez can produce dramatic, long-lasting results. Sanchez Plastic Surgery offers this procedure for individuals who want to restore their body image and fit more comfortably in their clothes again. To learn more about fat removal surgery and what causes stretch marks, reach out to our facility in Baton Rouge, LA. We have worked with numerous patients and strive to make each one feel confident in their decisions.

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