Can I Get Pregnant Again After Weight Loss Surgery?

by | Feb 26, 2020

The more weight a patient loses, the more likely they are to have loose or excess skin. For those who have lost 100 pounds or more, after weight loss surgery is a wonderful way to remove sagging skin and complete their weight loss journey. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erick Sanchez helps individuals reshape and contour their bodies by trimming leftover skin around the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and other areas to appear healthy and toned.

One of the most common questions surgeons hear from women considering after weight loss surgery is whether they can have children following the procedure. Although it is generally safe to get pregnant after surgery, there are some significant factors to consider first. To learn more about weight loss surgery results and having children after surgery, reach out to Sanchez Plastic Surgery to schedule a custom consultation in Baton Rouge, LA.

Candidates for after weight loss surgery

There is much to celebrate after serious weight loss, including newfound confidence and a healthy lifestyle. But even after working hard to shed that weight, heavy skin can get in the way of having the slimmer silhouette you desire. The goal of after weight loss surgery is to eliminate this skin for a contoured appearance. During your consultation, Dr. Sanchez will evaluate the health and quality of the extra skin to determine whether this is the right long-term solution.

After weight loss surgery is an extensive procedure performed under general anesthesia, taking 4 – 7 hours on average to finish. For this reason, candidates must go through a medical evaluation to make sure they qualify. Although this procedure is the next step toward a happier and healthier life, patients must commit to a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain their results. If you are unsure whether you are prepared, the staff at Sanchez Plastic Surgery can guide you through the process.

About after weight loss surgery

Excess skin after weight loss can cause a host of problems in patients, including rashes or skin infections if not treated right away. After weight loss surgery employs a combination of contouring procedures to achieve a tighter or more youthful appearance. This includes an back lift and lower body lift to address the arms, breasts, abdomen, buttock, hips, and thighs. Although some scarring is inevitable, Dr. Sanchez does his best to minimize scarring by hiding incisions in the natural folds of the skin. After surgery, a qualified member of our staff can provide helpful information about incision care.

Can I get pregnant after weight loss surgery?

Although it is safe to get pregnant after weight loss surgery, we usually advise patients to wait until they are finished having children before pursuing surgery. During pregnancy, the abdominal wall will stretch considerably to accommodate the baby, which may impact your after weight loss surgery results.

However, patients who want to get pregnant after weight loss surgery can do so safely as long as they take the time to fully recover. The recovery timeline varies based on the areas treated and the severity of the procedure. Most physicians suggest that if possible, to avoid pregnancy for at least 18 months. Dr. Sanchez will let you know how to make the healing process as smooth as possible in Baton Rouge, LA.

How to safely prepare for pregnancy

When women decide to get pregnant, they often take steps to prepare themselves by eating well and exercising. In the same way, those who would like to have a baby after weight loss surgery should also make healthy choices. We encourage patients to visit with their primary care provider to monitor any medical conditions that may affect their pregnancy. They will provide a physical examination and take tests based on your personal health. Be sure to inform your physician about your history with weight gain so they can provide the right information.

See weight loss surgery results

Loose skin after weight loss can be emotionally frustrating or even embarrassing. Body contouring options can help patients complete their transformation and give them a firmer physique. Dr. Erick Sanchez works closely with individuals during the consultation process to create a personalized plan for addressing their needs. At Sanchez Plastic Surgery, most of our patients report feeling a boost in confidence and self-esteem. To learn more about after weight loss surgery results and having children after surgery, we encourage you to reach out to our team and schedule a consultation in Baton Rouge, LA.

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