4 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Plastic Surgeons in Louisiana

by | Dec 7, 2018

In the past year alone, plastic surgeons in the United States have performed nearly 18 million cosmetic procedures.

This rise in plastic surgery, the reduction of the stigma surrounding it, may have you interested in having some work done on yourself.

But how will you know that you’ve chosen the right surgeon?

In this post, we’ll tell you all about some of the most essential questions you need to be sure that you ask plastic surgeons in Louisiana.

When you’re ready to improve your looks and your life, you want to ensure you’re working only with the best — and the most qualified.

Read on to learn exactly what to look for, and the right questions to ask a surgeon.

1. Are You Board Certified?

When you’re speaking with different plastic surgeons in Louisiana, it’s absolutely essential that you determine whether they are board certified.

Remember that board certification is a direct indication of the amount of training and experience that a surgeon has. To become board certified, your surgeon will need to have finished at least a yearlong fellowship, completed a surgical residency, and met other requirements.

It also proves that the surgical facility is licensed and accredited.

Ask when they received their board certification, and, if necessary, visit the American Board of Plastic Surgery website to confirm that certification.

If you can’t find confirmation, or if the potential plastic surgeon admits to lacking board certification, move on immediately.

You should also ask about their general educational background.

Ask if they were chosen to become members of any Medical Honor Societies while in school, and the hospitals where residencies were completed.

2. Do You Have Any Areas of Specialization?

When you’re trying to come up with your list of plastic surgery interview questions, one of the most important things is understanding the types of procedures that a plastic surgeon specializes in.

For example, did they receive any additional training or education in areas like complex reconstructive surgery? Do they work with primarily male or female patients, or do they see a mix of both?

Additionally, what kind of associations do they belong to now that will help further develop those areas of specialization? Do they have any recent publications, have they spoken or attended any conferences, and what are they doing to increase their growth as a plastic surgeon?

Depending on the type of procedure that you’re looking to have performed, you should aim to find a specialist that is an expert in it.

3. What Will My Recovery Look Like?

When you’re meeting with your potential plastic surgeon, there are quite a few procedure-specific questions you should ask.

First, be certain that you know the surgeon’s overall experience level with your procedure. About how many breast augmentations, reconstructive facial surgeries, tummy tucks, or any other procedures of your choice have they performed?

What are the risks associated with the procedure you’re considering, and what percentage of patients are likely to experience these risks?

Remember that these risks aren’t associated only with the procedure themselves.

Sometimes, the anesthesia that you’ll be given may carry some risks. Ask about the type of anesthesia you’ll be given, who will be giving it to you, and anything else you’d like to know.

Keep in mind that only a CRNA or a board-certified physician or anesthesiologist should perform your anesthesia.

Given your medical history and current physical (and sometimes even mental) health, does the surgeon believe that you are a good candidate for the surgery?

And, if something does go wrong, what can be done to fix it?

How much time will you need to take off work, when can you resume normal daily activities, and what limitations and rules do you need to pay particular attention to?

This can also help you to determine whether or not the surgery truly is right for you.

4. How Will You Collect Payment?

Finally, when you’re meeting with potential plastic surgeons in New Orleans, you need to discuss how the financing for the surgery works.

We understand that, for many, understanding the billing, what is and isn’t covered by insurance, and whether or not you’ll need to pay for the total cost of the procedure up front or in installments can be incredibly confusing.

Try to visit the surgeon’s website or other resources to get a better understanding of the general cost of your desired procedure.

Then, make sure that you understand what is and isn’t included in the cost.

Remember that the total cost will likely include your anesthesia, the implants or other materials, (if needed) and the general fee. It might also include your operating room stay and expenses, where you live, and much more.

Remember that you should never go “bargain hunting” for plastic surgery.

While we all want to feel like the price we’re being quoted is fair, shopping by price can have dangerous, disastrous, or even deadly results.

Ready to Meet with Qualified Plastic Surgeons in Louisiana?

We hope that this post has helped you to understand some of the most essential questions that you need to ask plastic surgeons in Louisiana during your consultation.

Remember that you need to arm yourself with as much information as possible to ensure that you get the best care and results.

Look at past patient testimonials, before and after pictures, social media, and much more to help you learn more about plastic surgeons in New Orleans.

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