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Four Benefits of Body Contouring After Weight Loss Surgery

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 06/03/2020

Get the facts about weight loss surgery and the body contouring help it offers. Remove excess skin so you can feel more confident about how you look.


I Want to Lose Weight Fast. Will Liposuction Help?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 05/27/2020

While the primary goal of liposuction is not weight loss, learn how you can enhance and reshape the way you look with this body contouring procedure.


Is FaceTite A Permanent Solution For Saggy Skin?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 05/20/2020

Learn the benefits of FaceTite, a minimally invasive skin tightening treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to get rid of wrinkles on the face.


Which Breast Implant Incision Option Is Best For Me?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 05/13/2020

Did you know there are different options when it comes to your breast implant incision? Learn more here, including which may be the best for you.


Five Ways After Weight Loss Surgery Can Change Your Life

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 05/06/2020

Discovering the life-changing benefits of after weight loss surgery, including how it can improve your confidence, relationships, career, and health.


How To Choose Between Nonsurgical Fat Removal or Liposuction

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 04/27/2020

Are you curious about which body contouring treatment for excess fat removal is the right solution? Learn more about two options and how they differ.


I Have Ab Separation After Pregnancy. Can A Tummy Tuck Fix It?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 04/20/2020

Do you have a pooch after pregnancy that won’t go away? It may be due to diastasis recti, or separated abs. Find out how a tummy tuck can help!


Factors For Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation Results

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 04/13/2020

Find out how to get a more natural-looking breast augmentation result and what factors to consider in order to get the right aesthetic outcome.


How Does a Plastic Surgeon Perform After Weight Loss Surgery?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 04/06/2020

You’ve successfully lost the weight; now it’s time to feel good too. Explore after weight loss surgery in Baton Rouge, LA with Dr. Erick Sanchez.


How Can Liposuction Get Rid Of Excess Fat And Will It Return?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 03/25/2020

If you are looking for a way to eliminate those stubborn pockets of fat once and for all, then liposuction may be right for you! Learn more here.


What Is The Difference Between a Panniculectomy and A Tummy Tuck?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 03/18/2020

Panniculectomy and tummy tucks are both designed to remove extra skin from the abdominal area. Learn the differences between these procedures here.


How Long Do the Results of FaceTite Last?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 03/11/2020

FaceTite is a modern treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten facial skin. Learn about this minimally invasive procedure at our clinic.


Five Important Factors To Consider With Breast Augmentation

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 03/04/2020

Get the facts about breast augmentation surgery before and after to simplify the decision-making process and be better prepared for the consultation.


Can I Get Pregnant Again After Weight Loss Surgery?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 02/26/2020

Do you have loose skin after major weight loss? Learn the benefits of body contouring and information about having children after weight loss surgery.


What Happens If I Gain Weight After Liposuction?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 02/19/2020

Discover how weight gain after liposuction may or may not affect your results, and learn what you can do to maintain your newly improved physique.


How Long Until You Can Exercise After A Tummy Tuck?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 02/12/2020

An in-depth look at the tummy tuck procedure, including what to expect during recovery and how long it takes to get back to your fitness routine.


What's the Difference Between FaceTite™ and a Facelift?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 02/05/2020

How effective is the less invasive method of skin tightening with FaceTite compared to a traditional facelift, and which is a better option for you?


Can Breast Augmentation Look Natural?

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 01/29/2020

Understand the important factors necessary in order to achieve a more natural-looking appearance to your breast augmentation.


5 Body Parts That Can Be Improved With After Weight Loss Surgery

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 01/19/2020

Learn more about plastic surgery after weight loss and how this body contouring help can reinvent the way you look and feel.


How To Get Optimal Results With Liposuction

Erick Sanchez, M.D. | 01/12/2020

What can you expect after your liposuction procedure, and are your liposuction results permanent? An in-depth look at recovery and the results.


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